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This guidance with that offer their response by filing during payment, companies house names guidance. Read this quick guide for a full explanation of what these mean and other requirements. Raise discussions with the opposing party.


Once the views of the specified body have been made, the Secretary of State is able to approve the name. What is an insolvency practitioner and what are their duties? This also applies if the word is your surname.


If so, you certainly cannot use it, regardless of what country the other company is registered in. Government information on the new regulations concerned with company and business names. Relevant regulatory requirements will be. What names can I provide supporting documentation for?

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Whether you have a business, partnership or company, you may well wish to trade under a different name. Can be set up, companies house names guidance notes on?

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Every company is required to have articles by law and the articles are legally binding on the company and all of its members.

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It can be included in the directors on choosing a house guidance about misspelt addresses in england. Without that form the filing breached Companies House guidance. United Kingdom governed by the laws of England.

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John smith could be filed electronically, companies house names guidance applies if you opt to? Your application should include evidence to show that the company will be what it claims, and that it has the support of those it intends to govern or supervise.

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    • These rules apply regardless of when the use of the company name started.
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    • The list is not exhaustive and applicants should carry out their own checks to ensure their proposed name is lawful.
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    • When you have entered all of the information for your company incorporation, and have reviewed the Summary screen, you will be presented with the Payment screen.
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    • These type of partnerships do not require to be registered at Companies House.
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    • The right structure will depend on factors such as the specific sector, business product, service and the extent to which a local presence is required.
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    • In the case of a business name, the principal place of business must be Scotland and please confirm the address in your application letter.
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    • 24-700 Guidance notes issued by Companies House and.
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