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For more information about test availability, please visit the GRE and TOEFL websites. You could have your admission rescinded or your degree rescinded as others have mentioned. May I request more than three letters of recommendation as part of my application?

Will my grades from back then still be calculated into my GPA for when I apply to new schools? English must be sent directly to send a course and not necessary information about this. How do I get my old college transcripts?

DICAS database, either because your name changed, was misspelled on the transcript, was misspelled on the application, or you have not yet created a DICAS account.

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Mapping your transfer work to Polk State courses and degrees.
No summer coursework will be accepted to meet fall admission requirements.

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  • Official transcripts delivered by hand will only be accepted if they are sealed in the original envelope provided by the community college or university and bear the university seal and the signature of the Registrar of the issuing institution.

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  • Final high school transcripts should be sent directly from the institution to the Wheaton College Admissions Office electronically or by mail.

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For payment details about a transcript through parchment, to do have all transcripts? USC degree holders do not need to submit USC transcripts to the Office of Graduate Admission. What is your program of interest? Please keep your transcript pages in order.

If you email a copy of your degree certificate, please only email the degree certificate. Each university system has its own bespoke requirements for submitting important documents. Pleasantville Campus gives students the best of both worlds.

Students who indicated on their application that they would like their SAT or ACT scores considered in the holistic review process should submit at least one set of scores directly from the testing agency.

Request your university send certified copies or bring your original transcripts to the Graduate School when you arrive on campus.

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If multiple scores are submitted we will consider the strongest composite score submitted.