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An easement is a legal agreement whereby the private owner gives up certain privileges with regard to controlling the appearance of his or her real property.

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Owners of property listed in the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation are eligible to receive a credit for documented expenses for exterior maintenance, restoration or preservation work.

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Among his many projects was the former Tushiyah United Hebrew School in the Midtown neighborhood.

The office reviews all applications and makes comments and recommendations.

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As mentioned above, these districts often come with certain rules about what you can and cannot do to the outside of a house in that neighborhood.

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To receive the appropriate SHPO forms for application, amendments or progress reporting contact us and we will provide the most current forms to you.

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These credits attract private investment to restore historic properties, many of which would otherwise likely be demolished.

Prior to that time, any property under contract had to be open to the public for tours.

Finally, owners are obligated to provide ordinary maintenance the maintenance standards for historic properties are no different than ner is not prevented from making changes by designating and listing a property.

For more information on this program and the federal rehabilitation tax credit program, please review the following fact sheet and comparison chart. The local taxing authority must authorize exemptions for historic properties in need of tax relief and will determine the amount of the exemption. Historic site in Norfolk.