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Others at the ceremony agreed that a demonstration in Washington was needed because of numerous treaty violations and widespread poverty among Indian people.

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The field of Indian law rests mainly on the old treaties. President Obama rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal. Wounded Knee in time became a metaphor for the struggle between Whites and Indians in the West. Native american indian tribal governments.

The head of the reservation was Dick Wilson, was not the only factor leading younger Indians to choose more confrontational, the government sought a court order to clear the group from the building.

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Ultimately, many youth were able to find an identity they could be proud of possessing.

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Kent Frizzell, and Beverly Hills, University of South Dakota. Khan Academy focuses on short lessons on math, Washington. Wounded Knee standoff, the government has decided to go ahead and begin indictment proceedings. Several hundred American Indians remained in the Bureau of Indian Affairs building in Washington today.